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LP's of New Zealand Artists for Sale

An explanation of grades is on the main page. 'Insert' refers to either or both literal insert or printed inner sleeve.
ARRANGED BY:  ARTIST, Album Title. Label & #. Grade (Record/Sleeve).

BAILLIE Peter He Came Singing Love. NZ Viking VP449. VG+/E 10.00
BELL-BOOTH Stephen Never Look Back. Insert. (Stamp on label) NZ Mushroom L38086. E+/E 15.00
BENNETT Teddy Where Were You On Our Wedding Day? HMV 6109. VG/VG+ 15.00
BIDS ACCORDION BAND 80 Great Accordion Hits. Doulble Album. NZ Music World. MALPS 390. E+/E+ 15.00
BIG NORM The Norman Kirk Years. Ebony +. NZ Phonogram NK101. E+/E 20.00
BILL & BOYD Companions. Gatefold. Insert. NZ Stetson SRLP7 E/E 12.00
BISCOE Patsy 100 Nursery Rhyme Favourites. Double LP. NZ Golden Editions TVNZ22 (WOC) VG+/VG 10.00
BOLD AS BRASS Best Of New Zealand Brass. NZ Kiwi SLC140. E/E 15.00
BORDERLINE Certain Sounds and Y-One '83. NZ Viking VP469 E+/E 20.00
BRAZIER Graham Brazier. Insert. 1987 Aus CBS 460496 E-/E- 15.00
CADDY Alan Love Themes and Love Songs. NZ LF1018. E-/E- 10.00
CERTAIN SOUNDS '82 Taking The Narrow Street. NZ YFC117. VG+/E 10.00
CHASE Nash Handle With Care. (WOL) NZ EMI 1024. E/VG+ 12.00
CHEESMAN SINGERS TV Singalong. NZ Kiwi LC16. VG/VG 7.00
COLLINS Michael and Orchestra Chu Chin Chow with Inia Te Wiata. NZ HMV. MCLP 1269. VG+/VG 8.00
COLUMBUS Ray Till We Kissed. NZ Philips PLO8765. VG-/VG 7.00
COUNTRY JAMBOREE ENCORE Ken Lemmon, Maria Dallas, Rex Franklin, Garner Wayne etc. (WOL) NZ Viking VP209. VG-/VG+ 8.00
COUP D'ETAT Coup D'etat. 1981 NZ Vertigo 6456011. E-/E+ 12.00
CROSS Tina Tina. NZ Philips 6456010. E-/E 11.00
CROWDED HOUSE Temple Of Low Men. Aus Capitol ST748763 E+/E 14.00
CURTIS David Album Two. NZ HMV HSDN1015 VG/VG 8.00
DANCE EXPONENTS Expectations. Insert. (SOC) 1985 NZ Mushroom RML53163. VG+/VG+ 12.00
DECH Gil 10" LP. The Robins Return. NZ Columbia 33MsS6011 VG-/E- 12.00
DORIAN CHOIR NZ The Dorians Sing. NZ Tartar. TRL029. E+/E+ 15.00
DOY Carl Piano By Candlelight. Aus CBS. E-/E- 8.00
DUMONT Anne Feeling The Distance. Insert. NZ Epic E/E 15.00
FEEHAN David Ballade featuring Raw Deal, Roger Fox and Jan Lampen. NZ Circular 008. VG+/E- 12.00
FESTIVAL SINGERS OF WELLINGTON Servant Songs. NZ Festivity FP2003. Insert. Rongwear on cover. E/E- 12.00
FLESH D-VICE Secrets Of The Estranged. NZ Jayrem. HER10 VG-/E- 8.00
FOLEY Mina Mina Foley. NZ Ode SODE132. E-/E- 15.00
FOX Roger Big Band The New York Tapes. With guest appearances by John Schofield guitar, Tom Harrell trumpet and Ron McClure bass. 1981 ODE 137. E-/E+ 15.00
FRANKS Brenda Fit For The Masters Use. NZ World Outreach. WW01. E/E- 10.00
FULL MARKS Room To Move. Insert. NZ CBS SBP238044. E/E- 15.00
GALLAGHER Lee Dance And Romance. NZ K-tel IMA022. E/E+ 12.00
GOLDEN STRINGS Country Symphonies. NZ Golden Editions. TVNZ10 VG+/E- 10.00
HARDING Mike Time On The Road. Autographed cover. NZ Cityfolk. CFR009 VG+/E 15.00
HARPER G. B. Effective Communication - A New Dimension. NZ GBH1 E-/E 15.00
HARROP Cathie Cathie Sings Childrens Favourites From Her TV Show. NZ Pye ARBS181. VG+/VG+ (spine damaged) 12.00
HORE John Travellin Singin Man. NZ Joe Brown JBLS526. VG+/E 12.00
HOUSTON Robert One Enchanted Evening. NZ Pacific PL10. E-/VG 8.00
HUNGERFORD Val Rememberance. NZ K-tel. PN777. VG+/E 11.00
HURLEY Jade Jade Hurleys 2o Golden Oldens. NZ Festival RML52011. VG+/VG+ 8.00
HURLEY Jade Jafe Hurleys Rock 'n Roll Party. NZ Festival RML52016 VG+/VG+ 8.00
LAING Shona Drive Baby Drive / Drive Baby Drive, The Bishop. 12" Single. Virgin VOZ01912. E/E 15.00
LAWREY Patricia Schola Musica. Insert. NZ Kiwi Pacific SLD52 E/E 12.00
LIVING WORLD FOUNDATION INCORPORATED Psalm 122. Auckland Town Hall 1974. NZ Living Word. LWS1001 E/E 12.00
LOW Eddie The Voice In A Million. NZ Joe Brown JBLS517. VG+/E+ 12.00
McCARTHY Winston Stan Dallas presents Winston McCarthy in Highlights of the Four (Rugby) Tests, N.Z. Versus the British Isles. PYE 2001. 10" LP. E/VG+ 15.00
McCARTHY Winston Winston McCarthy presents Highlights Of The (Rugby) Tests, Souhh Africa (Springboks) v. New Zealand (All Blacks). Parlophone 6003 10" LP. WITHOUT A COVER VG 7.00
McCARTNEY Dave and the Pink FlamingosDave McCartney and the Pink Flamingos. Insert. NZ Polydor 2390-112 VG/E 8.00
McCALLUM Malcolm The Things We Need. NZ Elektra Z22001 E-/E (track 2 side 2 is VG, and cover has ringwear) 15.00
McGIRR Danny Sentimental Country. NZ Master MALP308 VG+/E+ 12.00
MacNALLY John I Still Believe In Love. NZ Polydor 2907053 VG+/E- 8.00
McNEILL Malcolm Malcolm McNeill. Gatefold. 1982 Tartar TRL027 E-/E 15.00
MAIR Emily Songs My Father Taught Me, with Sandra Gunn and Colleen Rae. NZ Ode SODE116 E+/E+ 16.00
MALLOY Louise Louise. NZ CBS SBR 236066. E+/E- 12.00
MAURIORA ENTERTAINERS Singalong In Maori. Viking 99 VG+/E 12.00
MI-SEX Graffiti Crimes. Featuring Computer Games. Lyric Insert. 1979 CBS 237329 E/E+ 15.00
MOCKERS My Girl Thinks She's Cleopatra / After The Rain. 12 inch single PC. NZ Reaction 008. E-/VG+ 15.00
MORRIS Brett Brett Morris Plays. NZ Ode SODE 176. E++/E++ 15.00
MORRISON Howard Howard Morrison NZ RCA. VPLI6640. E+/E+ 15.00
MORRISON Howard Quartet Pot Pourri. NZ La Gloria. GLP608. VG+/E- 15.00
MORRISON Howard Quartet Return Of A Legend. NZ Joe Brown. JBLS529. E/E+ (slight tear on bottom cover) 12.00
MORTON Tex Looks Back. Calendar R67 6074. VG+/E 20.00
MUSIC WORLD SINGERS For Ever And Ever. NZ Music World. TELE 10. VG+/E 10.00
NATIONAL BAND OF NEW ZEALAND Spectacular Bras. Featuring Aotearoa Maori Group, Trevor Maxwell) NZ Viking VP423 VG++/E- 12.00
NEW ZEALAND ARMY BAND Brass Live. NZ HMV HSD1078. VG++/E 12.00
NEW ZEALAND ARMY BAND Royal Wedding. With The Royal Christchurch Music Society, NZ Golden Editions. TV NZ4 E/VG 8.00
NEW ZEALAND MAORI CHORALE New Zealand Sings. NZ Viking VP431. VG/E+ 8.00
NEW ZEALAND MAORI CHORALE Pokarekareana. Wiki Baker. NZ Viking VP388. VG/VG 7.00
NEW ZEALAND MAORI CHORALE Songs Of New Zealand. NZ Viking VP425. E/E+ 15.00
NEW ZEALAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Going Places. Conductor Ron Goodwin. NZ HMV HSD1068. E/E 8.00
NEW ZEALAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Going Places. Conductor Ron Goodwin. NZ HMV HSD1068. E/E 8.00
NEW ZEALAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Great Classics. Conductor John Hopkins. Gatefold. NZ DGG2. E/E 12.00
NICHOLSON Nick & Neketini Brass Exciting Brass. Regal 3006. VG+/E- 12.00
O'NEIL Sharon This Heart This Song. Insert. NZ CBS 003. E-/E 10.00
PACIFIC AIR DRUM Pacific Air Drum. Gatefold. NZ CBS SBE237519. E-/E+ 15.00
PARKIN John [10" LP] Plays. NZ HMV MDLP6039. VG+/VG++ 12.00
PINK FLAMINGOES We Never Close. Gatefold. NZ Polydor 2390116. VG+/VG+ 8.00
POSA Peter The White Rabbit. Viking VP 107. E-/VG+ 10.00
PRENTICE Suzanne One Day At A Time. NZ Golden Editions. TV NZ11. E+/E+ 10.00
PRENTICE Suzanne Suzanne Prentice. NZ Music World. MALPS394. E-/E 10.00
PRENTICE Suzanne Sweet Country Music. NZ Music World. MALPS413. E/E 10.00
PRENTICE Suzanne When I Dream - NZ CBS SBP237855. E-/E- 10.00
RAE-GERRARD Colleen Colonial Piano. NZ ODE SODE098. E/E 12.00
RHONDA From New Zealand With Love. NZ Philips 6456012. E++/E++ 15.00
ROTORUA MAORI CHOIR Maori Music. NZ WRC LZ7088. E+/E 15.00
ROTORUA MAORI CHOIR [10" LP] Series No. 2 NZ Columbia 33MS6003. VG/VG+ 10.00
ROUNDERS The Good Time Party Songs. NZ Stereo Gold. MER339. VG+/E 10.00
ROWLES John Cheryl Moana Maree. NZ MCA MAPS3573. VG/VG+ 8.00
ROWLES John John Rowles. NZ CBS SBP473597. VG+/VG+ 10.00
ROWLES John Rowled Gold. NZ PYE ZTV1001. VG+/VG+ 8.00
ROWLES John That Lovin Feeling. NZ CBS SBP473727. E-/E 12.00
ROWLES John This Is My Life. NZ EMI HSD1074. VG+/E 10.00
ROYAL MARINES BAND (NZ Navy) Farewell Concert Of The Royal New Zealand Navy. 1960. NZ HMV. MCLP6080 VG+/VG+
RUMOUR Garden Of Smiles (WOL) NZ Polydor 2471004. VG+/VG 12.00
St. JOSEPH'S MAORI GIRLS CHOIR Maori Songs of Enchantment. NZ Viking VP52. E-/E 13.00
St. JOSEPH'S MAORI GIRLS CHOIR The Musical Moods Of The Maori. NZ Sound Value. Axis156. VG/VG 8.00
St. JOSEPH'S MAORI GIRLS CHOIR Songs Of Joy And Love. NZ Kiwi. SLC156. VG++/E 12.00
St. JOSEPH'S MAORI GIRLS CHOIR Pokarekare. NZ Viking VP162. VG/E 8.00
SAULTALK Highlights From Mana Arts Festival (1974?). Gatefold. NZ Kiwi SLC133. E/E 15.00
SKINNER Roger Introducing Roger Skinner. NZ Music World. MALPS 427 E+/E 15.00
SPLIT ENZ Corroboree. Aust. Mushroom RML53001. VG++/VG 7.00
SPLIT ENZ Kia Kaha / Parasite. 12" Single. Mushroom FRENZ5. E. no cover - (maybe never released with one) 12.00
SPLIT ENZ True Colours. Aust. Mushroom L37167. VG++/VG+ (slight tear on cover) 12.00
SPLIT ENZ True Colours. (Blue Cover) NZ Polydor ENZ1. VG+/VG 10.00
SPLIT ENZ True Colours. (Red Cover) NZ Polydor ENZ1. VG/VG 8.00
TE KANAWA Kiri A Royal Occasion. With National Youth Choir of New Zealand. NZ Tartar TRL 025. E++/E++ 20.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Blue Skies, with Nelson Riddle and Orchestra. Aus Decca 4146661. E++/E 15.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Brahms. With Bernd Weikel, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conductor Georg Salti. Double Gatefold. NZ Decca. D135D2 E+/M- 20.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Chants D'Auvergne. English Chamber Orchestra. Jeffrey Tate conductor. Insert. NZ Decca SXDL 7604. VG+/E 10.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Come To The Fair. NZ EMI. EMC 222. E++/E++ 15.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Come To The Fair. NZ EMI. EMC 222. E/E 12.00
TE KANAWA Kiri In Concert. NZ Kiwi. LC 34. VG+/E- 9.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Kiri. NZ Kiwi. SLC 003. E/E- 11.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Kiri. NZ Kiwi. SLC 003. E-/E- 10.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Kiri Sings Opera. NZ WRC. SLZ 8208. E-/E 12.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Mozart. with London Symphony Orchestra & Sir Colin Davis. Insert. Aus Philips 6514319. E++/M-15.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Strauss. With the London Symphony Orchestra. Cond. Andrew Davis. NZ CBS SBR 235960. E++/M- 15.00
TE KANAWA Kiri This Is My Song. NZ Kiwi. SLC 126. VG+/VG+ 10.00
TE KANAWA Kiri Verdi and Puccini. With London Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Joh Pritchard. Insert. NZ CBS DBR 003. M-/M- 15.00
TE WIATA Inia A Song Recital with Ernest Lush at piano. (1o"LP) NZ Pye Nixa. NLP 915 VG++/VG++ 15.00
TE WIATA Inia Inia Te Wiata On Stage. NZ Kiwi SLG 42 VG++/VG++ 12.00
TE WIATA Inia & Maori Chorus Wiata Maori. NZ Kiwi 004 VG+/E- 8.00
TE WIATA Inia & Maori Chorus Wiata Maori. NZ Kiwi SLC 004 VG+/VG+ 8.00
TOETAPPERS More Old Tyme Dancing. NZ Axis 34. E-/E- 10.00
TOETAPPERS Old Tyme Dancing. NZ HMV HSDC 1058 E-/E+ 12.00
TOPP TWINS The Topp Twins Go Vinyl. 12inch 45rpm. Both Topp Twins clear autograph on rear of cover. 1982 NZ Dragons Egg. TT 001. VG++/E 12.00
TUCKER Glynn Step Out And Sing. Insert. NZ Polydor. GT 1. VG+/VG+ 10.00
TUI Prince Tui The Best Of. NZ RCA VPLI0548. E-/E- 12.00
TURNER Marcus The Best Is Yet To Come. Insert. NZ Cityfolk CFR 007. E+/E+ 20.00

20 Golden Kiwis Keri Summers, Eddie Low, John Hore, Billy Peters Showband etc. NZ Joe Brown. JBLS 524. VG/E- 10.00
20 Studio One Hits Headband, Yolande Gibson, Nash Chase, Lutha, The Rumour. NZ Music For Leisure 440. VG+/E 12.00
Forgotten Feelings 20 Fabulous Ballads. NZ Lucky LTV 2. E-/VG+ 8.00
Haeremai Ki Au Gatefold with 16 page booklet. 1976 Kiwi KML 4. E+/E (some foxing inside gatefold) 15.00
WAYNE Garner & the Saddle Pals Going Places. (SOC) Viking 103 VG/VG+ 10.00
WHITTAKER Lloyd Listen Lovers (WOC). NZ Kiwi. SLC 89. E-/VG+ 12.00
WHITTLE Annie Annie. 1976. NZ EMI. HSD 1050. VG++/VG+ 10.00
WILLIAMS Toni The The One I Sing My Love Songs Too. NZ Festival. L36339. VG++/E 12.00
WILLIAMSON Lyn In THe Land Of Music. Insert. NZ Tartar TRL 54. VG++/VG++ 12.00
YANDALL SISTERS Yandall Harmony. NZ K-tel YS 100. E/VG++ 12.00
ZOO Cowboys and Engines. Insert. NZ SBP 237832. E-/E- 15.00


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