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M = (Mint)
E = (Excellent)
VG = (Very Good)
G = (Good)
EXAMPLE: Where the record is graded as VG+ and the sleeve (cover) an E it will be shown as VG+/E. An explanation of grades is on the main page. 'Insert' refers to either or both literal insert or printed inner sleeve.

ARRANGED BY:  ARTIST, Album Title. Label & #. Grade (Record/Sleeve).

101 STRINGS Songs Of England conducted by Jack Dorsey. USA Alshire. Mint (still sealed). 12.00
20 EXPLOSIVE HITS Featuring Flying Circus Russell Morris Ted Mulry Axiom Doug Parkinson Masters Apprentices Etc Aus Columbia TVS 3 VG+/VG++ 15.00
ADAMS Cliff Singers Sing Something Simple. Double Gatefold. French Ronco. E+/E 14.00
AFTERSHOCK Aftershock Virgin M/M 12.00
ALL THE HITS BY ALL THE STARS Original Parkway NZ White Label P7013 Dovells Chubby Checker Dee Dee Sharp Orlons Bobby Rydell 12 Tracks Small Tear On Edge Of Cover E/E 30.00
AMERICA Perspective Capitol Australia E++/M- 10.00
ANDERSON Laurie Mister Heartbreak (Insert) WB 25077 E+/E+ 12.00
ANDERSON Moira with P Knight's Or. Favourite Scottish Songs. EMI MID 707. M/M- 10.00
ARMSTRONG Louis Hello Dolly NZ KAPP PK6024 E++/E++ 20.00
ARMSTRONG Louis (MOC) History Of Jazz 1944-1945 1971 Joker Italy SM 3082 E-/E 12.00
ASKEY Arthur Hello Playmates. Rare NZ Oriole Original MG20017 E-/VG+ 20.00
ASHCROFT Johnny / McCORMACK Kathleen You And I Country Style AUS EMI SOEX 9463 E-/E 20.00
ATWELL WINIFRED Black And White Magic. Ace of Clubs ACLM 1005 NZ M-/M- 15.00
ATWELL WINIFRED Around The World of Winifred Atwell in 80 tunes Decca NZ E+/E (orange label) 9.00
ATWELL WINIFRED Around The World of Winifred Atwell in 80 tunes Decca SPA 256 (blue label) NZ M-/M- 10.00

BAKER George Selection Greatest Hits. EMI EMC163 E++/E 10.00
BALL Kenny Hello Dolly and 14 Other Big Hits Golden Groove E/E 10.00
BANJO BARONS Duelling Banjos Conducted By Teo Macero NZ Harmony 327 E/E+ 12.00
BARBER Chris Barber In Berlin. NZ Light Music Club E/E 12.00
BASSEY Shirley Never, Never, Never. 1973. NZ. UA UAL-34883 E++/E++ 12.00
BASSEY Shirley Something Wonderful 6 LP Box Set With Booklet 72 Songs German World record Club SM 207 212 M-/M- 40.00
BBC BBC Scrapbook 1914. Compiled by Leslie Baily. Voices o Gen. Sir Brian Horrocks & many others. Mono. 14p booklet (E++). Fontana FDL.493015. VG+/VG+ 11.00
BEACH BOYS 22 More Sun n' Surfin' Hits. 1974 NZ pr. Capitol C.ST.23398 E/E- 12.00
BEACH BOYS Beach Boys Party. NZ Capitol T2398 Slight Tear On Spine E-/E 16.00
BEACH BOYS Their 22 Greatest Hits. Capitol. E+/E+ 12.00
BELL Graeme Just Jazz NZ Festival FL 31,205 E-/E 30.00
BETJEMAN John Reads Selected Poems Vol 2 9 June 1959 UK Argo PLP 1067 E--/E- 12.00
BILK Acker Best Of Barber And Bilk Vol 1 UK PYE Golden Guinea GGL0075 (WOL) VG/E 12.00
BLACK SORROWS THE Hold On To Me. Double Gatefold with insert. CBS Australia E+/E+ 15.00
BLACK STANLEY Overture. NZ Decca E/E 10.00
BLUE MINK The Best Of Blue Mink. NZ pr. EMI EMC3043. E+/E 10.00
BLUE NILE The A Walk Across THE rOOFTOPS. Linn Records LKH 1. 1983. M/E+ 12.00
BLUE ZONE Big Thing Arista M/M- 12.00
BOLAN MARC You Scare Me To Death Gatefold 24p. Book. Cherry Red France VG/E- 12.00
BOONE Debby with the Boones You Light Up My Life E++/E 12.00
BOONE Pat 15 Hits Of (Faint 'SAMPLE' Stamp On Label) Dot AUS ZL 32595 VG++/VG++ 15.00
BOY ON A DOLPHIN Lionel Newman / Mary Kaye AUST Festival 12-1464 VG+/E- 15.00
BRITTEN Benjamin War Requiem, Op 66. 1983 pr. Double Album. WRCWE 5860/1&2. M/M- 14.00
BROWNE Jackson Running On Empty. Insert & pic booklet. 1977 Asylum 6E-113 E++/E- 10.00
BROWN LES and his Band of Renown. 'Dancer's Choice'. NZ Capitol T.812 VG+/E- 12.00
BUSH Kate Interview Picture DiscBaktabak UK BAK 2073 E 15.00

CABERET FUTURA Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread NZ Virgin Mary 141 VG+/VG+ 12.00
CALVERT Eddie The New Golden Trumpet of... NZ. Regal SREG.30167 M-/M- 10.00
CAMBRIDGE BUSKERS The Soap Opera. 1982. D.G. 2532-072. M-/M- 10.00
CANNED HEAT The Canned Heat Cookbook. NZ UA SUAL933625 E+/E+ 18.00
CARR Vikki The Best Of Vikki Carr. 1972 UA UAL-34709. E+/E+ 12.00
CARROL Glenys Glenys Carrol (A` La Carte). RVP 69 E+/E+ 12.00
CARSON Violet Miss / Ena SHARPLES from Coronation Street Stars On Sunday York record NZ BYK 702 E+/E+ 15.00
CHERRY Don Swingin For Two Coronet Aus (WOC) E/VG+ 15.00
CHURCHILL Winston I Can Hear It Now Gatefold With Booklet Edited & Narrated By Edward R Murrow and Fred W Friendly (Bottom Of Cover Is Split) E/VG+ 20.00
CHURCHILL Winston The State Funeral Of NZ HMV MALP 2081 VG/VG++ 15.00
CLANCY BROTHERS and Tommy MAKEM In Person At Carnegie Hall CBS BP473078 NZ E/E 15.00
CLAPTON Richard Hearts On The Nightline Interfusion. Insert NZ Interfusion. E++/E+ 12.00.
CLARK Petula Ktel Presents 20 Fantastic Hits AUS K-tel NA493 E-/E 12.00
CLAUSON William Stories In Song NZ Capitol SB8539 Cover Edge DAmage E/VG+ 15.00
CLOUT Clout. (Includes travks 'Subtitute' and 'Let It Grow'). EMI NZ E-/E- 12.00
COGAN Alma I Love to Sing NZ World Record Club AZ 57 E-/E- 12.00
COLOURS Rules Of Attraction. Insert. Gema/Biem Germany M/M- 12.00
COMBINED BANDS OF BMC FAIREY FODENS Massed Brass Spectacular Men O Brass Harry Mortimer UK Columbia Two 185 E+/E+ 12.00
CORTEZ Dave 'Baby' Organ Shindig. 1958 NZ Roulette VG/E 12.00
CORYELL Larry CATHERINE KUHN Live AUS Elektra E++/E 13.00
COUNTRYMEN A Flying Visit. NZ PYE VG+/E 10.00
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Mardi Gras, NZ Fantasy SFYL 934530 E/E++ 15.00
CUGAT Xavier Plays Continental Hits. NZpr. Mercury E/E+ 13.00

DADDY COOL Daddy's Coolest NZ Wizard WIZ 1002 E-/E+ 15.00
DAVIS Jackie And His Trio Hi Fi Hammond NZ Capitol T686 Small Wear On Cover E/E 25.00
DAVIS Paul Cool Night. Arista NZ. M-/M- 12.00
DAY Doris Day By Day. Aust. Coronet VG+/VG+ 18.00
DEE Lenny Something Special. NZ Festival. E/E 12.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 12th October 1984. 4 LP's. USA USP. E-/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 42.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 26th October 1984. 4 LP's. USA USP. E/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover),. with Playlist 45.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 9th November 1984. 4 LP's. USA USP. 3 at E, 1 at VG+/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 30.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 30th November 1984. 4 LP's. USA USP. E-/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 30.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 7th December 1984. 4 LP's. USA USP. E/VG+ 1 LP has scratch on one side grade as VG+(writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 30.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 14th December 1984. 4 LP's. USA USP. E-/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover). 22.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 1st February 1985. 4 LP's. Play-list. USA USP. VG+/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover. Small writing on labels). 26.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 22nd February 1985. 4 LP's. USA USP. E (except VG+ for side of 1 LP)/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 30.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 15th February 1985. 4 LP's. USA USP. 2 at E-, 2 at VG+/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 28.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 29th March 1985. 4 LP's. USA USP. E/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 32.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 27th December 1985. 3 LP's (4th containing hour 4 side 1 and hour 2 side 2 missing). USA USP. E/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 18.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 7th February 1986. 4 LP's. Has play-list USA USP. VG++/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover). 28.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 5th September 1986. 4 LP's. USA USP. VG++/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover - no playlist). 18.00
DEES Rick Weekly Top 40. Weekend 10th December 1988. 4 LP's. USA USP. 2 at E, 2 at VG+/VG+ (writing & ringwear on cover), with Playlist 32.00
DELLTONES Come A Little Bit Closer NZ Leedon LL 31 013 VG/E+ 15.00
DESARIO Teri Voices In The Wind. Horizin NZ M/M 12.00
DIAMOND Neil Do It. Stateside NZ SESL 50006 E/E 12.00
DIAMOND Neil Love At The Greek. (Double gatefold. Insert) CBS NZ E-/E+ 12.00
DOMINO Fats Million Sellers By Fats Imperial SIRL-933087 E/VG+ 20.00
DONAGHY Eileen Let's Sing With The Irish. Dir. Johnny Gregory. NZ Fontana M-/M- 15.00
DON COSSACKS OF ROSTOV The Cossack Folk Songs. Dir. Anatoloy Kvasov. NZ WRC M-/M- 10.00
DURANTE Jimmy Club Durante (TOL) NZ Festival VG+/VG+ 12.00
DUTCH SWING COLLEGE BAND This Is Jazz. NZ. Philips. E-/E+ 10.00
DUTCH BARREL ORGAN Draaiorgel De Vije Belden. NZ Pye VG+/E 10.00
DYLAN Bob / BANDBefore The Flood. AUS Asylum Double Gatefold Cover Some Wear E+/E- 12.00
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Out Of The Blue Double Gatefold (Insert) UA L 70077 (NZ) E+/E+ 15.00
ELLINGTON Duke In Harlem 1926-30 UK Ace Of Hearts AH47 VG++/E 20.00
ELLSASSER The Wedding Album. The Great Pipe Organ of the John Hays Hammond Museum. NZ MGM E/E- 12.00

FAITH Adam Not Just A Memory See For Miles. See For MilesRecords CF121 E+/E+ 12.00
FAITH Percy Love Sound Best Hits. Japanese Sony SOPM 114. Gatefold E+/E 12.00
FAITH Percy Shangri La NZ CBS E+/E+ 12.00
FIFTH DIMENSION Fantastic. NZ Liberty SFLZ 933 E-/E- 12.00
FIGURE 14 Human Sexual Response. Insert. US Passport PB 9851 E+/E- 12.00
FITZGERALD Ella and Duke Ellington. Ella At Duke's Place. Original NZ Verve 4070. VG++/E- 25.00
FLANDERS M + D SWANN At The Drop Of A Hat. NZ Parlophone PCS 3011NZ E+/E 15.00
FLOY JOY Into The Hot. NZ Virgin E/E 10.00
FORMBY George George Formby Souvenir. NZ Ace Of Clubs ACLM 1062 E-/E- 15.00
FOSTER STAN IMPRESSION Sounds Like Kaempfert Vol. 2. Aust. Parlophone. E/E+c14.00
FOX Virgil The Entertainer. USA RCA. (Quadrophonic) VG+/E+ 12.00
FREE Free At Last. NZ Island SIL 934565 VG+/E- 12.00

GINGERBROOK FARE A Circus Of Fun And Learning With InsertsTony Salerno Wayne Zeitner. US Word WSB 8885 E/E 15.00
GODLEY and CREME L. Insert. (half inch diagonal cut off cover corner). USA Polydor. E/E 12.00
GOODMAN Al South Pacific And Oklahoma. NZ Spinorama. E/E 12.00
GORDY Poppa John A Night At Poppa John. NZ. RCA E/E 18.00
GORDY Poppa John A Night At Poppa John. (tape on cover) NZ. RCA VG+/VG+ 12.00
GRAND MASSED BANDS The Fireman's Galop. Fairey Fodens and City of Coventry Bands. NZ WRC E+/E+ 10.00
GREAT ORIGINAL HITS of the 50's and 60's 9 record box set. NZ Readers Digest. E+/E- 36.00
GREATEST RECORD SHOW ON RECORD Double LP. Artists Ray Columbus, Shane, The Who, The Herd, Lou & Simon, Manfred Mann etc. NZ Philips. VG+/E- 12.00
GREGORY Johnny And Lower Strings Sables And Sepia. NZ Spin-O-Rama Sp144 NZ VG+/E 12.00
GRINDER SWITCH Redwing. NZ Atlantic SD36-152 E+/E 12.00
GUESS WHO (WOC) The Way They Were. Bachman Cummings Kale Peterson 1976 NZ RCA APL11778 E/E 15.00
GUTHRIE Arlo Alice's Restaurant. NZ Reprise 6267 E-/E 15.00
GUTHRIE Arlo Arlo. NZ Reprise 2183 E-/E- 15.00

HALEY BILL AND COMETS The Start Of Something Big. 20 Original Hits. AUS Hammard 032 E+/E 9.00
HALL Leni Hello, It's Me. White label A&M Promo. USA. VG+/VG 10.00
HAMILTON Chico Quintet In Hi Fi. World Pacific Records PJ1216. (Rare NZ pressing) VG/E- 16.00
HARRIET Woman To Man. Germany EW. E++/E++ 10.00
HARRIS Rolf The Best Of. NZ Regal Starline. E+/E+ 12.00
HARRIS Rolf The Rolf Harris Show (BBC Televisions). NZ Columbia E+/E+ 12.00
HAWAIIAN SERENADERS Felix Mendelssohns Evergreens Hawaiian Style. NZ WRC M-/M- 12.00
HAYES Isaac Black Moses. With Poster. Insert. Double Album. NZ Stax 2628004 E-/E 20.00
HIGHWAYMEN Standing Room Only. NZ UA 3168 E--/E- 12.00
HILLAGE Steve Live Herald. Double Gatefold. NZ Virgin (SOL) E/E+ 15.00
HOLLY Buddy 20 Golden Hits. NZ MCA. E+/E+ 10.00
HOLLYWOOD HOOTENANNY Brownie McGee And Sonny Terry, Barbara Dane Travelers Three Hoyt Axton Barry McGuire Art And Paul Katie Lee Sherwood Singers Rod McKuen Bob And Leveemen Contemporary Folk Group Travis Edmonson. NZ Horizon H 1631 VG+/E 15.00
HOMER And JETHRO Strike Back. NZ RCA Camden RCL145 E-/E- 12.00
HUNTERS and COLLECTORS Payload. Insert. Aus. White Label X 14002. E+/E+ 12.00
JARRE The Concerts In China. Double Gatefold. NZ Polydor E/E 14.00
JOHNSON Cort Jes Talkin. US Sage CJLP C 3 VG+/E- 50.00
JONES Shirley / CASSIDY Jack Speaking Of Love (WORear of cover) NZ Coronet KLP 605 E-/E 25.00
JONES Shirley / CASSIDY Jack Speaking Of Love (WORear of cover) NZ Coronet KLP 605 VG+/E 20.00
JOPLIN Janice Pearl. NZ CBS. E-/E 12.00
JUKE BOX JIVE 20 Original Hits. Juke Box Shaped Cover. Cascades, Dion, Bobby Fuller, Guess, Who, Clovers Etc NZ Ktel (WOL/TOC) VG/E 14.00
JUPP Eric Best Of The Magic Of Music. Vol 2. (tape on cover) Aust. Axis E/E- 15.00

KABU KEI BUASALI Blue Lagoon the sound of the Yasawas. NZ Hibiscus HLS16 E+-/E+ 12.00
KALYAN Kalyan. NZ MCA E++/E+ 12.00
KAPIOLANI Kana and his Hawaiians Beyond The Reef. NZ Pye ARMS3007 NZ E+/E 12.00
KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING Original Recordings Songs And Music Of 1st World War Saydisc NZ Ode 281 E+/E+ 15.00
KELSALL Phil Blackpool Dance Party. NZ WRC E+/E+ 12.00
KID CREOLE and the COCONUTS In Praise Of Older Women and Other Crimes. Insert. NZ Sire 25298-1 E+/E+ 12.00
KIHN Greg Band With The Naked Eye. NZ Beserkley E++/E 12.00
KING Wayne Introducing Wayne King. NZ EMI M-/M- 12.00
KIRBY STONE FOUR Baubles Bangles And Beads. NZ Coronet E/E 15.00
KINGSTON TRIO The Make Way. NZ WRC LZ.7095 E+/E- 10.00

LAFFERTY Karen Country To Country. Insert. NZ MRC 023 E/E 12.00
LAYTON Eddie and Buddy MORROW Just We Two. NZ Mercury VG+/VG+ (Writing on cover rear) 12.00
LEE Brenda All Alone Am I. Pic Disc PD WR30-105. E- 15.00
LEE Peggy Then There Was Then, Now Is Now. NZ World Record Club E+/E 12.00
LEGRAND Michel Greatest Hits.11 Tracks. Japanese Bell FCPA13 19 1972 E+/E+ 15.00
LIBERACE Impossible Dream. Double Gatefold. NZ Interfusion. E/E- 12.00
LIGHT Enoch Big Hits Of The 70's. Double Gatefold. Quadrophonic. Aus Project 3. M-/M- 15.00
LIMELITERS Look At Love In Depth. NZ RCA LPM-3385 VG+/E 12.00
LITTLE FEAT Little Feat. NZ WEA BS1890 E-/E 12.00
LITTLE FEAT Sailin Shoes. Gatefold. AUS Warner E+/E- 12.00
Lotte & Joe HANNA The Austrian Entertainers. NZ Interfusion. E+/E- 12.00
LYMAN Arthur Taboo. UK Vogue SAV 8002 VG+/E- 15.00

MAN Slow Motion. NZ UA E/E 15.00
MANFRED MANNS EARTH BAND Watch. Insert. AUS Bronze E-/E+ 15.00
MANSELL Tony Singers Hits From Burt Bacharach With Love / Genius Of Simon And Garfunkel 2 Record Set In Single Cover. NZ Stereo Gold Award Label MER 349/354 E++/E++/E 40.00
MARINI MARINO Ed Il Suo Quartetto Volume Two. NZ Top Rank 39/681 E-/E 20.00
MARKHAM MAIN COLLIERY BAND Conductor Allan Steet. NZ PYE Golden Groove. E-/E+ 12.00
MARLEY Bob And Wailers Shakedown Aust. 7. E/VG+ 12.00
MARLOE Scott Wilson The Pink Lady. Insert. US Refuge. E/E+ 12.00
MENDES Sergio and Brazil 77 2Greatest Hits. Insert. Jap. Epic E+/E+ 15.00
MENUHIN Yehudi and Ravi SHANKAR West Meets East. NZ RCA. E+/E 12.00
MILLS Hayley Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills Disneyland NZ E-/E 15.00
MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Tina Louise Story. NZ HMV E/E 12.00
MORGAN George The Best Of George Morgan. Still Sealed. US Star-Day King Records. SLP 457. M/M 15.00
MORRISON Van No Guru No Method No Teacher. AUS Mercury E-/E+ 10.00
MORRISON Van / CHIEFTAINS Irish Heartbeat. Insert. AUS Mercury E+/E+ 8.00
MOVING PICTURES Days Of Innocence. Insert. WBE Australia. E-/E- 12.00
MUDDY WATERS Rolling Stone. RCA 1982 NZ E/E+ 15.00
MYRICK Gary and the FIGURES Gary Myrick And The Figures. NZ Epic ELPS4096 E++/E 15.00

NEW FACES The World Of The New Faces from the Saturday Crowd. NZ Decca. E/E+ 12.00
NEWTON JOHN Olivia Olivia Newton John. Double Gatefold (Some Ring Wear). NZ Interfusion ITFL45377 E+/E- 15.00
NIRVANAS Takis with the four Charmers and Tanya Lindou. 20 Greek Party Songs. NZ K-tel NA460 E+/E 10 .00
NU-DISK COLONY Demonstration Disk. 10". Insert. Groups: Cheap Trick, Day Tripper, Propaganda, Calling On Moscow / New Musik Straight Blinds, The Continentals, Fizz Pop. Epic AS782. VG+ (plain sleeve) 20.00

O'KEEFE Johnny "J. O'K". NZ Horizon Records HZ-153 1974 E-/E- 20.00
ORBISON Roy The Big O In Gold. Aust Hammard. E+/E- 12.00
ORBISON Roy The Very Best Of Roy Orbison. NZ Monument. E+/E+ 12.00
ORLANDO Tony & Dawn He Don't Love You. NZ Elektra. E+/E+ 14.00
OSBORNE Tony Where In The World. (WORear of Cover). NZ PYE VG-/E 10.00
OSIBISA Happy Children. Gatefold. NZ Warner E--/E 12.00
OSMOND Donny My Best To You. NZ MGM E+/E+ 12.00
O'SULLIVAN Gilbert The Very Best Of Gilbert O'Sullivan (piano). Titanic Australia E+/E+ 12.00

PARKS Michael Blue. NZ MGM 2303011 E+/VG+ 12.00
PETER AND GORDON Peter And Gordon. NZ Columbia MSX5010 VG+/E 20.00
PETER PAUL and MARY Moving. NZ Warner. Stereo SLZ.8058 E/E 12.00
PHRANC I Enjoy Being A Girl. NZ Island L30146 1989 E+/E+ 12.00
PIAF Edith Lovers Of Paris (Les Amants De Paris). NZ WRC. Double Gatefold E-/VG+ 12.00
PITNEY Gene 20 Golden Greats. NZ Interfusion E-/E+ 12.00
PITNEY Gene Italiano Stereo. NZ CBS SBP 473186 VG+/E+ 12.00
PITNEY Gene Young And Warm And Wonderful. NZ Musicor L35607 E/E 12.00
POLNAREFF Michel Greatest Hits 11 Tracks. With Lyric Sheet. Japanese Epic E+/E+ 12.00
PRESLEY Elvis Blue Hawaii. UK RCA Silver Spot Stereo SF5115 E-/E- 20.00
PRESLEY Elvis C'mon Everybody. NZ RCA VPLI 7142 E+/E- 15.00
PRESLEY Elvis G.I. Blues Original Soundtrack. UK RCA SF 5078 VG+/E 20.00
PRESLEY Elvis Welcolme To My World. NZ RCA. E/E 12.00
PROBY P.J. Somewhere. NZ United Artists E/E 15.00
QUINTETO BUENOS AIRES Argentin Tango Deluxe. Orquesta Jaun Darienzo. Gatefold. Japanese Union Records E-/E+ 11.00

REAL THINGS STEEL BAND The Clayhouse Inn Presents. Canada Ednar. VG+/E 15.00
RED ONION JAZZ BAND Red Onion Jazz Band (WOC) World Record Club NZ PLZ.68 E+/E- 20.00
RED ONION JAZZ BAND Red Onion Jazz Band World Record Club "WRC" written on rear of cover with NZBC sticker beside it NZ PLZ.68 E/VG+ 15.00
REEVES Jim According To My Heart. NZ RCA Camden CAS 583 E/E++ 12.00
REEVES Jim Country Side Of Jim Reeves. NZ RCA E-/E+ 10.00
REEVES Jim God Be With You. RCA NZ LSP1950 E++/E++ 15.00
REEVES Jim My Cathedral. RCA NZ LSP3903 E/E 12.00
REGIMENTAL BAND OF THE COLDSTREAM GUARDS With Major Douglas A Pope UK Columbia 33SX 1050 E+/E+ 12.00
RODGERS Jimmy The Number One Ballads 12 Tracks NZ Roulette VG/E++ 15.00
ROGERS Kenny and FIRST EDITION Greatest Hits. NZ Reprise E+/E+ 12.00
ROGERS Kenny and FIRST EDITION Greatest Hits. NZ Reprise E-/E+ 12.00
RONSTADT Linda Different Drum. Capitol NZ ST-C-11269 E+/E 12.00
ROUGH TRADE Shaking The Foundations. NZ Big Time BT-7010 1982 E+/E 12.00
RYDELL Bobby Salutes The Great Ones. Top Rank NZ Original VG+/E 20.00

SALVATION ARMY. The International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army. Conducto Bernard Adams NZ Regal Zonaphone E+/E+ 12.00
SAVAGE PROGRESS Celebration. Insert. NZ Virgin E/E 12.00
SCRIBBLE Pop Art. (Insert) NZ Regular L38549 E-/E 12.00
SEATRAIN Marblehead Messenger (Gatefold M/TOC). GB Capitol E+/VG+ 16.00
SHANKAR Ravi Music Festival From India. NZ Darkhorse. VG+/E- 12.00
SHEPHERD Dave Quintet Mr Shepherd Plays Mr Goodman. NZ Pye E+/E+ 13.00
SHERBSThe Skill. Insert. Aus. Razzle. Slight Ring Wear on cover E+/E- 14.00
SIMONE Nina The Best Of. 12 Tracks. NZ RCA VAL1 0196 E-/E 12.00
SIMONE Nina Gifted And Black NZ Contempo-Raries VPL1 4015 E-/E 15.00
SIMONE Nina Here Comes The Sun. NZ RCA LSP 4536 E-/E 12.00
SINATRA Frank Come Fly With Me. NZ Capitol W920 NZ E-/E- 12.00
SINGING NUN SOEUR SOURIRE Singing Nun With Booklet. NZ Philips E/E- 16.00
SKOKIE INDIANS Drum And Bugle Corps. NZ Philips E/VG 10.00
SLOCUM Mick And SUNDOWNERS Singalong With The Great Aussie Bush Party. AUST Hammard 129 M-/M- 15.00
SNOW Hank Snow In All Seasons. NZ RCA E+/E+ 15.00
SOVINE Red Teddy Bear. NZ Music World EMS 1050 E+/E 10.00
SPYRO GYRA Incognito. NZ MCA E/E 12.00
STAPLES Pass It On. NZ Warner E++/E 12.00
STEVENS Ray The Very Best Of. NZ Barnaby E/E 10.00
STEWART Rod Footloose & Fancy Free. Booklet. UK Riva E/E+ 12.00
STRAWBS Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios. Aus A&M SAML-934175 E-/E-15.00
STYX Cornerstone. Insert 1979 & L 37090. E-/E- 15.00
SUPREMES More Greatest Hits. 15 Tracks Icl 4 With The Four Tops. NZ Tamla Motown STML 11256 (1974) E+/E+ 15.00

THOMAS BJ The Best Of B.J.Thomas. Vol II. USA Myrrh M/M (still sealed) 14.00
THOMPSON Michael Band How Long etc. USA Geffen M/M 15.00
THORPE Billy Children Of The Sun. Insert. (sm punch hole in cover) NZ Interfusion E+/E- 15.00
THREE DOG NIGHTIt Ain't Easy. NZ Stateside SSLM 6103 E/E 15.00
TRAILER Rex and his Cowhands Western Favourites. Rare NZ Spinorama SP1202. VG+/E- 25.00
TULLIS RUSSELL MILLS BAND 50th Anniversary. UK Craighall SSLX326 E+/E+ 15.00
U2 Rattle And Hum. Double Gatefold. Insert. 1988 Australia pressing Island TVL 93285/6 E+/E+ 18.00

Color In Dance. Immortal Melodies. Los Mayas, Waikikis, Jacques Isaye, Peter Kreuder etc. NZ Palette PAL116. E/E 15.00
English Folk Dances. McBains Country Dance Band, Jack Armstrong & his Northumbrian Barnstormers. NZ EMI. E+/E+ 15.00
Music Of The Incas. NZ WRC E+/E+ 8.00
Sanitone Special Products, Limited Edition. Four Ladds, Bobby Hackett, Rosemary Clooney, Frankie Laine, etc. NZ Pacific Electronics SN1. VG+/E 20.00
Super Hits Made In London. Double Album Box set. The Who, Tin Tin, Marbles, Easybeats, Cream, Stone The Crows, etc. NZ Polydor E-/E- 30.00
Windham Hill Records Sampler 1981. William Ackerman, Bill Quist, Bobbie Basho, George Winston, etc. Can. Windham Hill. E+/E+ 20.00

WALLIS GIGG Trick and Treat. NZ Coronet. E/E- 15.00
WALLIS Ruth The Best Of Her Million Sellers .Original Rare NZ White Label. Festival WA 31 868 E++/E++ 75.00
WALLIS Ruth Life Of the Party. Prohibited For Broadcast. Original Rare NZ White Label La Gloria GLP 611 VG+/VG++ 40.00
WARWICK Dionne In Paris Olympia Theater NZ Scepter JL 31981 E/E 15.00
WARWICK Dionne Promises, Promises (WOL). NZ Scepter E/E 15.00
WARWICK Dionne Sensitive Sound Of. NZ Scepter E/E+ 15.00
WELSH GUARDS REGIMENTAL BAND Men Of Harlech. NZ Marble Arch. E+/E+ 12.00
WHITMAN Slim Sings Million Record Hits. NZ UA E+/E 12.00
WHITMAN Slim Yodeling. NZ United Artists E+/E+ 15.00
WILLIAMS Paul A Little On The Windy Side. Portrait PR33013 M/M (still sealed) 15.00
WILLIAMS Tony A Girl Is A Girl Is A Girl (WOC). NZ Mercury VG-/VG+ 18.00
WORLD OF BRASS BANDS Fodens, Fairey Aviation and Morris Motors. NZ Decca E+/E 10.00
WORLD The Break The Silence. NZ Elektra M-/E+ 15.00
WUNDERLICH Fritz In Memoriam, with Anneliese Rothenberger etc. Double Gatefold. NZ WRC M-/E+ 17.00
ZEP Jo Jo and The FALCONS Hats Off Step Lively. Insert. Aust Mushroom E/E+ 12.00
ZIEGLER Ann and Webster BOOTH Sweethearts In Song. NZ World Record Club. E+/E+ 12.00
ZIMMERMEN Way Too Casual. Insert. Aust. Mushroom E++/E++ 14.00


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